Humber Vehicle Centrepiece

Humber Vehicle Centrepiece

20th February 2019

This was commissioned by a ex member of the RAF who had sadly passed and had bequeathed some money to the regiment to produce a centrepiece in his honour.┬áThis was given to the “The Crown Jewellers” at the time to replicate, who in turn asked us if this was something we could produce.

We undertook the order at the start of 2012 for presentation in the House of commons on the 31st May the same year. We had our resident silver smith (Steve May) working flat out to ensure the deadline was met.

We had nothing to work with other than internet images and photographs, which was taken by us at the RAF Museum in Hendon, where the vehicle was, to enable us to recreate as much detail as possible.

Lots of research had to be done to ensure the specification of the Humber was perfect. As this was an important factor by our customer that it was a replica of the original on a smaller scale. Which was approx 20″ in length.

Many, many man hours were spent hand raising this from sheet metal.

A prototype was made in brass to ensure it was correct before we made it from solid silver.